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#1 2006-12-15 17:58:38

From: Paris - France
Registered: 2005-09-04
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DEUX releases on December 16

The french minimal synth band ?Deux? will release on December 16 a new CD called ?Agglomerat? which is mainly a ?best of? containing their rare and sought-after songs from the mid-eighties (Paris-Orly, Felicita, Game and Performance, etc.) remastered and available for the first time on CD, plus some fresh new songs...

This CD is a must-have for every minimal synth fan, especially if you have some notion of French...

Justice injustice (cold universe mix)
Dance with me
Le Couloir
Game and Performance
Le Camion
Paris Orly
Sex and Trouble
Uncle Albert
Golden Dream
Game and Performance (solo)
Everybody's night
Ministry of love

Curiously, the song ?Europe? (A-side of 1985 ?Europe - Paris/Orly? 7") is not on this CD. Perhaps lyrics have been considered as too pro-european, naive and optimistic...

CD can be ordered directly on their official Website: - DEUX.

You may also listen to some songs and watch the videos of ?Felicita? and ?Paris-Orly? on their MySpace:
Caty have also his own mySpace dedicated to his graphic work:




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