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#1 2006-07-29 22:04:58

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Bizarre Musik Machine .. The New Beginning of Electronic Musik!!

What Is The Bizarre Musik Machine?

Booking & Contact :

Emerging from San Antonio, Texas.. The Bizzare Musik Machine is a New Musik Project Consisting of 2 members: Yayumi (Vocals/Keyboards) & Gino (Guitar/Sequenceing). The Bizarre Musik Machine is a band the produces just that.. Bizarre Musik.. Why Bizarre? Because the process itself is Pure and Simple. Utilizing TECHNOLOGY.. The Bizarre Musik Machine captures the Very Invalueable Emotions of Human Life: Happiness, Fear, Sorrow, Regret, Love, Hate, Peace.. then compresses them into MP3's that are sold at a lesser value to the consumer who cares to buy.. Thus we are..

The Bizarre Musik Machine.

The Bizarre Musik Machine explores & defies All Musikal Boundaries by constantly experimenting with  an Eccentric Variety of Melodies & Sounds. The songs of Bizarre Musik Machine are Collectively Resonant of: Joy Division, The Cure, Cocteau Twins, Bjork, Severed Heads, etc..  and carry a level of Aesthetic Intensity that will engulf the listener and take them into the world of Bizarre Musik... Why dont you listen for yourself & see..


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